Why Core Pelvic Floor Therapy?

“I understand how frustrating it is to have hopes to live a normal life and then be disappointed.

Good enough is NEVER good enough

Our treatment is not just focusing on the pelvic floor but the neurology behind your posture and movement behind it all so your weak pelvic floor becomes a thing of the past”

-Dr. Shakib

Dr. Shakib and Pelvic Floor model

Why US

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is on the rise among non-females, non-child-bearers, the young, and non-smokers in addition to the “traditionally” categorized groups. This is because our sedentary lifestyle has caught up with us. I have started seeing elementary school-age children complaining of symptoms related to pelvic floor dysfunction.

This is getting out of control and what is being done about it does not even tip the gauge. So why Core Pelvic Floor Therapy?

Here is why:

  • First and foremost, you should not live with pain for the rest of your life; No-one should be defined by limitations.
  • The principles of Postural Neurology and Functional Movement get to address the pelvic floor issues. It is beyond muscle work and just the floor. Core Pelvic Floor Therapy is a division of Irvine Spine and Wellness Center which is all about posture, movement and function.
  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction cannot exist by itself. Core stabilization cannot exist by itself. Biological breathing can not be sustained by itself. Movement is never functional without looking into the Neurology behind all movements and posture. 
  • Our recipe for success includes Emsella Chair treatment (400 Kegels a minute), computerized breathing monitoring, Postural Neurology, computerized balance distribution assessment, and Functional Movement exercises (DNS) so we get to the bottom and the core of your problem.
  • We take our evidence-based education and continuous training seriously.

“Dr. Shakib and her staff are the best!  Due to Covid things are a bit different but very much appreciated.  Upon arrival you text or call the office to let them know you have arrived.  You wait in the car until “the coast is clear” and they text you back letting you know it is okay to enter.  They run a very tight ship and want to assure not too many people are in the office at once.  I am always greeted with a warm and friendly welcome upon arrival.  I have been coming to their office off and on for a while now.  Unfortunatley, I had to have spinal surgery so I saw Dr. S. before surgery and am now seeing her post-surgery to learn how to move again and engage my tummy muscles “barrrel” as  she calls it.  I am very thankful for her knowledge and expertise.  I would recommend them for anyone who is experiencing any type of weakness or injury.  They will fix you up in no time and get you back to feeling good again!”

Jennifer W. // Tustin CA

“Dr. Shakib is sincerely interested in helping her patients heal as she educates them about their body. She is currently helping me with dizziness, back pains, posture correction, and learning to take better care of myself. I truly appreciate how she takes her time for each appointment. Her office is a very welcoming place and she and her staff are great!”

Erika S. // Irvine, CA

“Dr. Shakib is LIIIIIFE! She is great at what she does and knows what she is talking about. She has a welcoming personality so you feel comfortable in her office. All of her staff is amazing, my 3-year-old son actually asks to go see the dr and her staff. 

Savannah J. // Irvine, CA