Consultation and Unique Exam

Either way, your first visit starts by reviewing your complete record, any special studies you may have had and the list of what brings you to the clinic. Assuring that you are the right candidate for our treatment, we will start your examination but more than likely this exam is like nothing you have ever had.
Unlike what most realize, regardless of what initially caused your pelvic floor dysfunction, your dysfunction impacts your movement pattern and this means the neurology behind your movement gets modified. We will need to reverse engineer the process in order to not only get your pelvic floor muscles back in shape but get into postural neurology and functional movement. Let me explain:

There is a map of your movement and sensation in your brain called Homunculus. This map gets changed and modified based on your lifestyle, and choices. If movement is a concert, your brain is the conductor, this map is the musical note and your body parts are the musicians. We need to first know if the ‘musical note’ is the one that is based on the original (factor design) mechanics of your movement and THAT is what makes my exam unique.

Once we see your today’s ‘map’ then we can see what needs to be changed. This is what positive neuroplasticity is all about. Now we need to know if the ‘musicians know when to chime in and phase out’ and THAT is what Functional Movement assessment is. Another uniqueness about the type of exam you get at our clinic.

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We will need time to put all pieces of the puzzle together to see what your ‘story’ is. The following questions will be answered on your next visit with the action plan spelled out for your review.
What is wrong with me? Can it be fixed?
How long is it going to take?
What is going to take place treatment-wise?
How much is this going to take?
What should I expect?


Begin care

More than likely you will need Emsella Chair treatment to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles for the first 10 visits. During these visits, we will focus on your breathing quality and type using belts, and a computerized monitor. Also you will be introduced to the first steps of developmental movement exercises as explained in the functional movement link above.

I don’t predict the future but I promise to tell you soon after we start the preliminary work of Functional Rehab. how your treatment speed will more than likely be. If we know the facts and limitations but are on a team that is determined to win, I don’t see why you would not see the changes you wish to make

Emsella Chair
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Your care will include strengthening the pelvic floor muscles (using the Emsella chair), strengthening and putting together the movement patterns utilizing postural neurology exercises, developmental kinesiology exercises, breath work, weight distribution scan,  review and modify your lifestyle.

All of these have to happen if your goal is to not just rid of your symptoms but minimize the chances of its return ever. You may be here because you are disappointed at the type of treatments you have received for your pelvic floor dysfunction, your treatments have not lasted long or are seeing us first. No matter what, I want you to know that I will do everything within my power to help you with your issue. My word is my honor and you have my word- Dr. S