Core Pelvic Floor Therapy

What Our Patients Say

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Core Pelvic Floor Therapy Team

After 3 sessions I feel 50% better with my incontinence;… posture issues are better

I came to Dr.Shakib for right sided weakness and pain. When we started treatment, we noticed my weak pelvic floor as well. I thought incontinence was not able to hold urine but learned that I had overflow incontinence and not able to empty my bladder fully. After having gone through the treatment and the chair, after 3 sessions I feel 50% better with my incontinence; my movement and posture issues are better and still under treatment. I have hope again which is a wonderful feeling knowing I can get back to things I enjoy again soon.

Christi B. // Inland Empire

A Rare Find!

Dr. Shakib has the gift all practitioners should aspire to have. She is personable, communicative, caring and capable. She inspires confidence and made me feel as though I was the only patient she had to think about.

Dr. Shakib spent a great deal of time with me on my first visit so she could fully understand my issues and needs. This is rare to find in today’s medical climate. I am an allopathic physician and feel excited and very fortunate that my and Dr. Shakib’s paths have crossed!

Jill E.

From the moment I walked into Dr. Shakib’s office, I knew I was in good hands.

She was able to figure out how my body wasn’t functioning correctly when other specialists haven’t been able to find anything “wrong.” Dr. Shakib has given me hope during a difficult time. I look forward to having my health restored as I continue to see her for treatment.

Kimberly M. // Costa Mesa, CA

Dr. Shakib brings a vast wealth of knowledge, experience and passion to her work.

She provides such a solid platform for health improvement. Her positive attitude and healing insights have helped me get to core issues. I’ve seen progress and felt healing almost immediately. She and her staff are truly amazing.

Scott A. // Irvine, CA

After 5 sessions, I saw a 50% improvement

She cares about her patients well being and her support staff are just as amazing. Over the years my pelvic floor became weak due to having kids so Dr Shakib suggested I do the Emsella chair treatment. After 5 sessions, I saw a 50% improvement with my incontinence (which is a part of the pelvic floor dysfunction). I have now completed all the sessions and in addition, to the breathing techniques I have learnt, I have a seen an amazing improvement. Even though my incontinence may or may not be a part of pelvic floor dysfunction, I’m glad I did the treatment.

Gillian A. // Irvine, CA