Sleeping Do’s and Don’ts

• Do sleep on your side and/or back.

• Do use a pillow between your knees when side sleeping and under your knees when back sleeping. Pay close attention to the knee height as the knees are to be slightly higher than the hip to assure the normal back curve is maintained.

• Do use a medium consistency pillow and not one that is expensive!! You should change your pillow every year or so. The pillow should be just thick enough to allow your neck to be on the same straight line as the body so the head is not propped up or too low.

• Do have enough support to fill in the curve of the neck when sleeping -not more or less (can roll the two corners closest to your shoulder to fill in the neck curve for support).

• Do use a body pillow specially if a stomach sleeper.

• Do sleep with your elbows by your body.

• Do NOT use more than one pillow.

• Do NOT sleep on your stomach.

• Do NOT use a memory foam pillow.

• Do NOT use contour pillow unless checked by your chiropractor.

• Do NOT use any part of your pillow under the shoulders when sleeping.

• Do NOT sleep with your arm under your head.

• Do NOT sleep with your elbows away from your body.

• Do NOT sleep with one leg rolled over the other and the body twisted.