Simple way to tell if you are going to die early or not!

In this interview with Dr. Thomas Lewis we discuss how our blood workup is based on identifying acute diseases when chronic diseases are what people are dying from.

60% of Americans have 1 chronic disease and 40% have more than 2 chronic diseases. Chronic diseases exist in most people and by the time it becomes symptomatic, too much damage is done.

In this episode I will tell you how to find out the easy way, yes it is available,  to learn where on the spectrum of Health or Disease you stand. 

Here is some background on Thomas Lewis, PhD:

Dr. Lewis is the leading medical scientist in neurodegeneration and causes of systemic chronic diseases. He earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry from MIT and continuing education from the Harvard School of Public Health and U. Mass, Amherst. He studied under two Harvard Medical School professor experts in neurodegeneration and disease mechanisms.

Dr. Lewis, and his primary Harvard colleague, Dr. Clement Trempe, published the first comprehensive textbook on the causes and solutions for Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases titled, The End of Alzheimer’s – The Brain and Beyond. He also owns a patent on the details of a treatment process he and his colleagues have applied clinically with great success in even severe cases of neurodegeneration (example case: https://youtu.be/ERlKzl86rhY).

He has also published 2 other books and numerous papers explaining root-cause of chronic and neurodegenerative disease mechanisms.Here are some great resources if you want to learn more: