Revolution Gardening: The one size fits all of gardening

If you think you don’t have the space or resources to produce your own veggies think again!

In this interview with James Fry, the maker of Revolution Garden (RG), you will learn how even your balcony can be the ground for your weekly produce. The RG consumes minimal water and space while providing nutritious veggies for your family.

What to know about James Fry:

  • James has been studying sustainability since his high school years when he interned with a solar energy company in his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Having woken up to the fact that some things were seriously wrong in the world, he set out on a mission to help.
  • He’s a permaculturist by training, but experiments with and develops any food growing method that guarantees boat loads of nutrient-dense food with minimal effort and resources.

Look into his work at www.groweverywhere.com

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