Is Brain Based Postural Neurology Right for Me?

Postural Neurology

Do you suffer from Lower back pain, headaches, pain down the legs and arms, sciatica, neck pain, shoulder pain, tension between shoulder blades, difficulty breathing, slouching, head feeling heavy, lack of concentration, lack of energy, difficulty sleeping or waking up tired after a full night of sleep? These are some of the common conditions related to failed posture!

How the Brain Controls Posture
Did you know that most of the problems that lead to doctor visits are musculoskeletal involving muscles, joints and bones, and failed posture is the result of failed integrity of the muscles and bones in our body? Your brain controls every function in your body and the way it does it is through the nerves. The highway to communicate to and from the body parts is the actual spinal cord housed in the spinal column. Failed posture means compression of the spine and instability of the axial (midline) structure of the body.

If you sit behind a computer (like most people these days) for instance, the part of the brain that sends the command to sit up straight does not get to do its part. BTW, within that same brain part (midbrain) lies the command center that causes the diaphragm to move for breathing. Now, if that part of the brain does not get to function properly (because your lifestyle requires slouching), it starts shrinking. With shrinkage comes further failure of the upright sitting posture and the slouching posture. That also means less oxygen available to the body because the diaphragm doesn’t get to move up and down. This leads to the forward flexion to become your default posture.

In the example I just gave, the muscles in the back of the neck, mid back and lower back will have to try even harder to bring you more in a neutral line so you don’t fall forward. Can you imagine how exhausted those muscles must be, and then how they have to work even more when you go to workout at the gym? The tired muscles are now expected to perform more- thus leading to a higher potential to injuries while working out or feeling pain after your workout.  An exhausted body and posture lead to improper movement and further injuries and pain.

Is Brain Based Postural Neurology Right for Me?

Brain-based postural neurology and postural exams are not for super athletes or supermodels who are looking for the ideal posture to increase performance and looks only.  It is that missed component of healthcare and prevention and the reason why you keep having the same problem over and over! It is to get rid of pain and making sure that pain stays away. It is for those who want more energy and want to feel better. We address the cause of your injury and pain and through Brain-based neurology and a postural exam, we determine and show you the map to your desired destination, answer all of your questions and assure you understand where exactly you stand.