Dr. Mamak Shakib has been in practice for over 2 decades and treats patients with chronic musculoskeletal and posture-related conditions. Utilizing the principles of Postural Neurology and Developmental Kinesiology aka DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization) specifically, her patients with or without pelvic floor dysfunction are able to find relief and function down to the ‘core’ of their problem.

She is always on the search for the latest and most evidence based approaches for pelvic floor dysfunction treatment and hosts pelvic floor courses at her clinic in Irvine, Orange County.

She realized not long after starting her practice that while chiropractic manipulative therapy was highly beneficial, there were still patients that had lingering problems. She started her training in functional nutrition, not necessarily to transition her practice but to understand what else was ‘feeding the cause’ of her patients’ conditions. Next was EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique training since she noticed many conditions she treated had a ‘finger print’ of emotions that shaped the presentation.

Dr. Mamak Shakib
Given the nature of her practice, one thing was common in every patient- the lack of the body stabilization in movement and lack of synchronicity of their breathing and movements. We normally don’t think about these things just as we don’t think about blinking! These were the telltale signs of core and pelvic floor dysfunction. That is when she laser-beam-focused her attention on both the core and the pelvic floor therapy and dysfunction.

Today, Dr. Shakib goes out on a limb to bring everyone’s attention to those discoveries and strives to provide quality care addressing the basic principles of movement and posture, while targeting the strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles using the Kegel machine, Emsella with its 400 Kegels per minute feature.

She firmly believes that her patients deserve to fully understand their ‘story’ during the course of their treatment so they are well equipped with the knowledge going forward. She knows how the quality of life goes down with pain and limitations, how frustrating it is to wake up tired, and is determined to guide those seeking her treatment so they get to enjoy the life they deserve to live.

She is an active member of the society and takes her role as a doctor and an educator seriously. You may find her podcast, ‘Life and Health Matters with Dr. Shakib’ on your podcast platform to learn about life and health matters and contact her for to reserve her speaking to your company.

Her YouTube channels, Irvine Spine and Wellness Center and Core Pelvic Floor Therapy are packed with educational videos to empower patients with the knowledge to retain and attain healthy life.