What is the BTL Emsella chair?
Emsella is a chair with an Electromagnetic field that causes muscle contraction and improves nerve and blood flow function. It is used for the muscles of the pelvic floor with FDA approval for treating incontinence by delivering 400 kegel muscle contraction of the pelvic floor per MINUTE.

We use this machine for all qualified patients that have Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.

Do I need to wear special clothing or put a gown on for the Emsella treatment?
No, you are fully clothed for the treatment, however, because our Emsella chair treatment is followed by our custom pelvic floor protocol, it is best to wear comfortable clothing and socks.  
Why is the Emsella treatment at your office so different?
We are the only office that utilizes the Emsella chair as only part of the treatment for pelvic floor dysfunction. Based on our expertise in human biomechanics and movement principles, we KNOW the importance of treating not just part of the pelvic floor dysfunction but the whole area. This includes not only the floor of the pelvis where Emsella targets, but all the attachments that the floor is connected to. We help build the core and the floor with our Emsella chair treatment protocol.
How does the Emsella chair work?
Emsella delivers 11,200 kegels per session of 28 minutes which is 400 kegels a minute (more than 1 kegels per second). Safe to say that this is way beyond what anyone produces when done by themselves.
Who is the right candidate for the Emsella Chair?
Anyone with pelvic floor dysfunction that does not have the contraindications to its use is a qualified candidate. That means men, women, active individuals, athletes, desk jockeys, old, and young are potential candidates. You will be assessed to make sure none of us are wasting time providing unnecessary treatment.
What are the benefits of the Emsella treatment?
The Emsella chair works on the muscles of the floor of the pelvis and is FDA approved to treat incontinence by delivering 400 kegels a MINUTE. Any condition that results from pelvic floor dysfunction will therefore benefit from the Emsella chair. This includes chronic back pain, chronic sacroiliac pain (back of the pelvis), hip pain, pain in the pubic area, and pain in the lower part of the mid-back.
What is the Emsella treatment at your office like?

After your initial exam and once you are screened to assure Emsella chair treatment is right for you, you are asked to take your shoes, belts, all jewelry, and electronics off. You then sit on the chair where we position you specifically and not only according to the chair operation instruction but per our knowledge of biomechanics so your session is optimized fully.

Each session is 28 minutes long, followed by approximately 25 minutes of our custom-tailored protocol for pelvic floor dysfunction conditioning. That will allow you to work on not just the floor but the floor attachments to the body as well. The principles taught during the 10 sessions of Emsella chair treatments will allow you to follow a daily routine (should you wish) so the effect of the total 11200 kegels you have received by the end of the 10th session is long-lasting.

Is the Emsella chair safe to use?
Yes. Emsella is FDA cleared and considered safe with research supporting improvement in treating incontinence and other pelvic floor dysfunction issues. 

There are certain precautions for those with cardiac pacemakers, implanted defibrillators, neurostimulators, electronic implants, pulmonary insufficiency, metal implants, drug pumps, hemorrhagic conditions, anticoagulation therapy, heart disorders, malignant tumors, pregnancy, and while menstruating.

While Emsella does not have age limits per manufacturer, we do not recommend it for children under the age of 16.

Is the Emsella treatment only for incontinence?
No. The Emsella chair works on the muscles of the pelvic floor by providing 400 kegels per minute so not only those with incontinence may benefit from it, but everyone with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is a qualified candidate to enjoy the benefits of the Emsella chair as well.
How does it feel to sit on the Emsella chair?

The Emsella chair looks like a big, comfortable chair that you sit on. The Emsella chair treatment starts by feeling a mild ‘zing’ sensation in the area touching the chair at the lowest intensity. That sensation goes away when the intensity is increased, based on your input, to what most describe as a feeling of the muscles inside their pelvis ‘gathering up and lifted’. There is no vibration or burning and no attachments are pushed up against you as the device is in operation.

Will other people at your office know why I am getting the Emsella treatment?
No. As stated before everyone with pelvic floor dysfunction is a qualified candidate for the use of the Emsella chair so there is a wide range of conditions that are treated at our clinic and use this chair.
Are there any patient testimonials about the Emsella treatment at your office?

How will I feel after the session?

Depending on your condition, the percentage of improvement even after the first session is high. Some have reported up to 60% improvement after their first Emsella treatment at our clinic with our special treatment protocol.

Is Emsella treatment paid by insurance?
At our clinic, Emsella treatment includes the Emsella chair followed by our pelvic floor dysfunction protocol. Emsella chair  treatment is not covered by insurance plans but the custom treatment following up the chair session at our clinic may be reimbursed by your insurance plan. If so, we will submit the claims identifying what was performed so you MAY receive partial reimbursement of your treatment if it is a covered service per your insurance plan.
Can the Emsella treatment be paid for with my FSA or HSA?
Only the portion of your Emsella treatment that makes our unique treatment protocol extra effective is FSA and HSA qualified. You will be emailed the statement that you may submit to your plan. Please let us know on your first visit.
Will I be sore after the treatments?

We have not had anyone report soreness after our Emsella chair treatment protocol. Potential side effects according to the manufacturer are muscle pain, temporary muscle spasm, temporary joint or tendon pain, and local skin redness.