Most people think of incontinence, either urinary incontinence or fecal incontinence as the only symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction and pelvic floor issues in general. The reality is incontinence is only the more obvious sign of pelvic floor dysfunction. Thankfully there is the BTL Emsella machine that is FDA approved for incontinence by working on the muscles of the pelvic floor. This means that all the ‘other’ signs and symptoms associated with the pelvic floor dysfunction will be helped with the BTL Emsella machine as well.

The advantage of using the Emsella machine at our clinic is the fact that you won’t just receive proper attention to the pelvic floor muscles, but the associated areas that impact the pelvic floor as well. By doing so, your investment of time and resources should last a long time as long as you give the proper attention and commitment to what you learn during your course of treatment.

This is what I mean:

Think of the space between the abdominal diaphragm (at your rib cage) and the pelvic floor as a barrel or a paper bag:

  • The pelvic floor is the bottom of the bag.
  • Internal organs are the contents of the bag.
  • The front of the bag is the abdominal muscles.
  • The back is the lower back and the lower part of the mid-back. 
  • And the bottom corners are the hip joints attached to the floor. 

Working on a weak pelvic floor is working on just the bottom of a bag that is weak. The weakness is not isolated and has an impact on all that is attached. When the pelvic floor is the only part worked on, it is evident that after, a rather short time of a few months, it will go back to being dysfunctional.

Why Emsella Chair?

An FDA approved machine for incontinence and according to the manufacturer of the Emsella medical device, “BTL EMSELLA is a non-invasive therapeutic device. The device produces an electromagnetic field that interacts with the tissues of the human body. Mainly affected structures are muscular and neuronal tissue. Results of the interaction with the tissue include muscular contraction, depolarization of neuronal cells, and influence on the blood circulatory system. BTL EMSELLA is indicated for pelvic floor muscle strengthening for treatment of urinary incontinence.” 

As mentioned above, urinary incontinence is what many people can relate to but at our office, we do not make any claims about treating incontinence. EMSELLA helps us treat all of our patients with movement and posture deficiencies, and if their incontinence goes away, that is an added bonus.

At our clinic, pelvic floor related conditions include EMSELLA chair and is consisted of 10 visits over the course of 4.5 weeks which includes 28 minutes of the EMSELLA chair followed by pelvic diaphragm breathing, and functional movement exercises of hips, lower back, sacroiliac joints, lower abdominals, and the oblique abdominals. We work on the WHOLE ‘bag’ and the ‘barrel’ and not just the bottom of the ‘bag’.

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