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Let’s fix the ‘house’ that pelvic floor is the ‘floor’ of first!

We are the only clinic in Southern California that utilizes Postural Neurology and Functional Movement along with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Rehabilitation to get to the root of the problem.

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Our One-on-One Comprehensive and Customized Treatments Include Three Phases:

female doctor standing next to another female checking their posture

Phase 1 – Pain Relief

Phase 1 may include:

  • Breathing Protocol
  • Mindful Movement Protocol
  • Lifestyle modification Protocol
  • Active Release Technique
  • Neuromuscular and Sports Manipulation
  • Ergonomic Evaluation
Woman doing an exercise facing the floor

Phase 2 – Activation & Stabilization

Phase 2 may include:

  • Postural Neurology
  • Developmental Exercises & Rehab (DNS)
  • Functional Conditioning Rehab
  • Active Release Rehab
  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Rehab
  • Emsella Chair Treatment
  • Neuromuscular and Deep Tissue Massage

Phase 3 – Implementation

Application of more complex movements in daily routine and activities that you wish to have but have not been able to do due to your pelvic floor dysfunction.

No more limitation means freedom. The sky is your limit now!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For it… Here’s What Our Patients Are Saying:

Mamak Shakib, DC

Let’s find out why you have your pain and limitations, and what you are doing that is feeding the cause.

I don’t want you to come for treatments forever; you should not treat the ‘floor’ without first working on stabilizing the ‘house’ that pelvic floor is the ‘floor’ of. To OWN the stability needed for a strong and healthy pelvis, you need to invest in learning how to take better care of it, how to watch out for it and how to stop yourself from hurting it. Learn what YOU need to do to sustain your investment in treatments with us, and how to detect YOUR issues before they surface. When YOU can correct the problem before it has taken over, you are in control and THAT is freedom of health.

Dr Shakib with glasses

Some of the Conditions We Treat

Photo of mature man on toilet is crouching forward in pain because of his stomach cramps.

Deep groin & Rectal Pressure

Man holding is glute

Pelvic Pain & Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Pelvis on fire

Chronic Back & Hip Pain

knee taping


lower back pain

Sacroiliac & Pudendal Neuralgia

girl running at sunrise

Postural Stability

Patient Testimonials:

“I came to Dr.Shakib for right sided weakness and pain. When we started treatment, we noticed my weak pelvic floor as well. I thought incontinence was not able to hold urine but learned that I had overflow incontinence and not able to empty my bladder fully. After having gone through the treatment and the chair, after 3 sessions I feel 50% better with my incontinence; my movement and posture issues are better and still under treatment. I have hope again which is a wonderful feeling knowing I can get back to things I enjoy again soon.”

Christi B.

“Male pelvic patient here in his early 30s. I’ve been dealing with this condition for almost 4 years now. After 5 months at this facility I have progressed here a lot more than I have anywhere else (I’ve been to several other pelvic floor PTs, urologists, doctors etc. all to no avail). Dr. Shakib and her team are beyond excellent. They are very attentive, caring, and knowledgeable. Not to mention, the tools and the availability of their knowledge is unmatched. They’re great teachers and convey the information in an easy to understand manner. All of this is why my progression here has been so significant. Words can’t describe how grateful I am. Thanks for everything”!


John S.

“I’m so glad to have found Irvine Spine & Wellness Center. I Spent years visiting various doctors and facilities searching for help, information, and relief, only to leave each appointment more confused and lost. From my very first appointment with Dr Shakib, I knew this place was different. She listened and was very attentive to the small details, she not only helped identify issues but she goes even further in explaining why and how things happen so that I have an understanding of what’s going on, giving me the tools to prevent future issues. I leave each appointment more knowledgeable than the last about how my body moves and I’m so much more aware because of her. The whole staff is amazing and friendly, I feel so welcomed each time I visit.”

Kristal F.

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